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1) Biography
Sir Posh (Thilo Paul Neumann) is a 19-year-old producer from Dortmund, Germany. He hasn't specified himself on any particular music genre and accordingly presents a broad spectrum of different genres.

His songs have been used by ZDF, Sean Paul, 2Bough and other big You-Tubers (specific explanation under references (point 4)). With over 1.100.000 streams on Spotify he already made a name for himself at the age of 19.

The cornerstones of his musical and creative education were promoted by Waldorf Education. He was taught the classical instruments lyre, flute and guitar, which also aroused his interest in other instruments such as drums. At the age of 8 he decided to take lessons there as well.

Due to a school project in the 8th grade (beginning of 2013), one of his closest friends produced a song with FL Studio. Since these days Sir Posh invests most of his time in electronic music.

2) Publications
Sir Posh & Chronixx - Inhale (February 13, 2017) self-publication / 40,000 streams

Sir Posh - Fly (July 28, 2017) Vireggs Records / 645,000 streams

Sir Posh - For A Better Day (06 March, 2018) self-published / 9,000 streams

Sir Posh & Leif Bent - Forget Me (October 19, 2019) Fritz Music Records / 485,000 streams

*(artist, release date, distributor, number of streams on Spotify (as of 23.04.2019))

3) References
Sir Posh's songs published so far total over 1,100,000 streams (Spotify) and have been used by the national television station "ZDF", among others. In addition, the young artist has 50,000 monthly listeners (as of 23.04.2019).
Already the first song of Sir Posh (Sir Posh & Chronixx - Inhale) is, until today, in the official playlist of Sean Paul (Sean Paul Selects). The second, and so far most successful song, comes with Spotify on about 640,000 streams (as of 23.04.2019). It was used by the national television station "ZDF" for a documentary, has been used as background music in numerous YouTube videos and has also been used by large YouTubers such as 2Bough (570,000 subscribers) and Lucas Lit (140,000 subscribers).
His latest release was supported by celebrities such as Iselin Løken Solheim (singer: Alan Walker - Faded) or Sam Bartz (public figure, actor 170,000 subscribers).



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