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Scheinklaenge produces electronic dance music in manifold styles for the Progressive House label Time 'n Space Records and its psychedelic daughter label TSRP Music. Since 2010 she performs her music also as DJane.
In 2013 she has founded TSRP Music.

In the past, Scheinklaenge toured around the world with a classical german singer group. During the tours African and South American natives tought them many fascinating songs and dances. Hence her interest in african, and south american folk music and cultures arised and still this kind of folk music inspires her to her recent productions. In modern electronic dance music Scheinklaenge recognizes certain similarities to some forms of ancient music. She believes that now the energy of repetitive ryhtms and melodies is reborn in several modern styles like House, Techno and Trance. However modern technical equipment opens absolutely new oppurtunities to process musical ideas. So the old concept of repetitive loops and overlapping independent elements can appear in a new form. Nevertheless Scheinklaenge sees in electronic music just a rebirth of diverse folk music. Rather she recognizes an astonishing close reflexion of our zeitgeist in it. For example the synthetic electronic sounds seem to be an analogon for the progressive entry of virtual worlds in our life. So depending on the listener's focus in Scheinklaenges tracks both tribal elements, as well as modern influences seem to be to the fore.



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