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Outsider for creed and lifestyle, earns credence since his first appearance in this booming reality. Few instants for perceive his technical supremacy. Energetic and involving style that gather clear musical chooses, imposes to the dancefloor a constant drive.
Resident of Basstation since 2004 for which he was able to share the stage with the most 'big names of the international techno scene (the advent, chris liebing, dj rush, v.kanzyani ... just to name a few ..)
During these years he also performed at Code "Knee Deep Special" @ Fabirk (Madrid), Play The Music Festival @ Old River Park (Naples) and @ Otherworld Studios (Rimini), Stay Up Festival 2008 and 2009 (Guspini), @ Hardpark festival 2010/2011 (naples) @ resonance festival (Naples).
Faithful to the style to which he can not ignore, is a solid pillar for the reality techno island and beyond
Faithful to his taste without reach a compromise, His interesting record productions involve artists from all Dejan Milicevic, A.Paul, Bas Mooy, Spiros Kaloumenos, Spark Taberner, Virgil Enzinger, Mezmeric, Ryuji Takeuchi, Mark Morris, ATProject on labels such as Naked Lunch, Kombination Research, Planet Rhythm, Submission, FocusRecords, Patterns, Elektrax,Mastertraxx records, M-rec,Bass assault rec, Android Muziq ......


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