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Ruhrgebeatler is a young german music producer. His music styles are based on electronically produced music, Techno, Minimal-Tech, Trance, Electro-House & Progressive House.

At age 4, he got his first record player. From this point he became linked to music. During his academic career, he played Drums and had his first official appearance for the closing ceremony. He came right in touch with electronic music in the 90s, when he received a 486 pc, and got practise in "DJ ing" and "Producing". In addition to the djing on smaller events, he produced his first songs with "Impulse Tracker", followed by remixes and beats with the software "Fruityloops" in 2005, which challenged his passion. Through additional software in 2008 and co-founding of A.B.Y.S.S in 2009, he learned much about arranging and composing. After the first releases, he decided himself to continue to produce and founded "Ruhrgebeatler" in 2013. He successfully published his first song "Coffeebreak", labeled by Ruhrgebeatler-Music, to "".


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