Artist Info

Raf Fender passion for electronic music began soon with his first contact with Psy Trance party in the 90's
His discography dates all the back to 2006 where he had an amazing run of releases on the highly regarded RPO label. From there saw a string of equally impressive outings on Jetlag Digital and Hyline Music imprint.
With now more then 100 releases under his belt, the French producer drop his second album in 2012 entitled 'Mind Breaker' in 2012 and it comes courtesy of Hyline Music imprint. It's an expansive eleven track collection that journey's through Progressive Trance with hints of psychedelic and techno being prevalent as well.
In 2013 his music took a real Progressive Trance turn and each of his releases are classified in the 100 on beatport Psytrance since then.
His musical choices, technical abilities and artistic senses blasted the parisian scene where he is Resident of the most recognized party in town like ) H.O.T (Gaia World)




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