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From an early period of avid music Hohenburg Project, not just the xylophone was a nice pastime but also for hours listening to music. He dreamed of an early DJ career, then he took his music on cassettes so directly on the one song after another without a break came, at night he would lie in bed and listened to his recordings. In other years, nothing changes on it until he decided to realize his dream. It took until 1998 when he started making music. More years passed in which he practiced every night and day by day, and his experience in music production Collected hatt to this day on, there's nothing changed since he Release his tracks under the pseudonym Project Hohenburg there since July 2010.
Smaller successes including Radio Plays on Sunshine Live he celebrated on the side of Uptrax.
Then under the stage name Trancestar*(2002-20009), in early 2010 to mid-2010 under the name Castle High Castle Connection. The current musical project is open and refers not only to an Grene, it is an exciting project which is expected to be even heard of him.


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