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Mik is a member of Neurokinetix Network, a label that was created, of three befriends from Germany. He is one of our musicians who make music since 1989.
First he plays the guitar and vocals in the Indi rock band called JFP – their first demo 1989.
First release on vinyl on the Local Underground Sampler in 1990.
He started to record and mix with midi equipment and sequencers in 1992.
He found more interesting styles and technics to make different new sounds.
Inspired from a friend, a DJ from the resident club Störung in Backnang/Stuttgart, he gets the finest input in electronic music, house and techno.
2001 Mik starts Neurokinetix Network together with two DJ/sound artists. The idea was to make events with live acts and DJ setups on different locations. Mik has also played some live sets there.
2008 he begins to play with the Grunge rock Band called “Egopilot”.
MIK is now playing bass like in former times. Egopilot has a DVD Video release with "Machthaber" in 2008 on the Local Under Ground sampler 2 and one release on another independent sampler called “Solidarity is a crime”. The band also played some concerts in France and Germany.
Since 2011 he plays guitar in the Indi rock Band called “ex-Berunda”, too.

Beside this he is still programming electronic music. He records musicians and is employed with occasional jobs in demo and cd mastering.



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