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Murat Tugsuz was born in Istanbul in 1976 , From very early age he studied piano and music and e began first compositions at the age of 7. he graduated with a BA in music from Marmara University. Murat Tugsuz is perfectly capable of playing 16 different instruments . Whilst studying at university, Murat composed music for many television programs in Turkey. After university he composed all the documentary soundtracks of Turkey's first documentary channel IZ TV . Due to this experience he's had wide composition skills. His first album is released in 2006 with the name '' HABERCI '' and then his second album Young Sufi in 2007 , his third album Young Sufi Acoustic in 2008 , his fourth album Şehr-i İstanbul in 2009 , his fifth album Gunahkar in 2010, his sixth album Şehr-i Istanbul 2 in 2011 also his Şehr-i İstanbul album is released by EMI Arabia with the name '' Whispers from Arabia '' in 2010 .



Murat Tuğsuz is capable of playing 26 different instruments. Up to present, 1800 of his work is being used in Turkey and all over the world. He has released and collaborated in more than 60 albums. For further information about the artist, please visit


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