Artist Info

Michael Link from Hanau, Germany, is a certified songwriter, music producer, artist and label owner of HochHOUSE records. Genres: EDM, Chillout, Popmusik, Popballade and more. The pop ballads are produced together with co-producer Melanie Kretschmer. In other projects Michael also works together with Jorge Da Silva, Karlheinz Richter, Karl Sörger, Annette Bessell and Todor. Since November 2018 Michael released two albums and just now 8 pop songs in June/July 2019. Michael's further music projects are: Kaycien Grey, Yoga Di Qi, Micha L.




You can listen to my music on all streaming services, watch my videos on youTube or visit my website.



Release of the Single I Am Alive (Michael Link feat. Todor)