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Michael Kay from Schleswig-Holstein in Germany is singing since he is a child and allways loves to make music. He not only wants to be an solo artist to make great german pop songs he also wants to produce music together with Mister Mike from Berlin. Michael Kay has already landed some great hits such as "Strandkorb Nr.7" or "Du Bist Meine Landebahn". His songs have been played in many radio stations and he and he has had numerous appearances on TV. Mister Mike who produced music since the 90s has developed his own style and sound. Whether rap, hiphop, rnb, pop or dance music Mister Mike draws inspiration from many directions in order to develop his music. With his Label "Black2Production & AHBeats Wenzel" he met some artists from 2006 to 2011. He produced nice german hip hop songs under the name "DaSoul". By his new artist name "Mister Mike" he wants to move further by producing german pop & discofox music. Mister Mike has produced his first big album called "Party Hits & More" that is in a lot of stores worldwide. Mister Mike always says that making music should be fun and get under the skin.



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