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Dalise is her surname but it has become her stage name. Born in Naples, Italy, she now lives in the Eternal City of Rome.
She says: "I was very lucky, as soon as I moved to Rome I had the opportunity to participate in some italian television shows such as "Chiambretti c'è (2002-2003), "Libero" (2006), "Carramba che foruna" (2008-2009). "
In 2008 she joined the first edition of the italian tv show "X factor", in the under-24 category. "An experience that didn't last long but was very important for my future decisions".
From 2007 to 2011 she worked as an actress-singer with the famous italian actors Maurizio Battista and Gabriele Cirilli in their summer tours.
In 2013 she started working at her first album of unpublished italian songs which she hopes will be published in 2014.
She has enriched her talent through innumerable live experiences and her work with vocal coach Stefano Zanchetti has been decisive for her stylistic choices and her career.
Her tone is clear and bright but also warm and enveloping, particularly during her unplugged concerts.



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