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For Marco Rota, born in Luxembourg, everything started back in 2001. That's when he got his first turntables. One year later he organized his first party at the « PODIUM » where he was resident until 2003 with his partner DJ Bunes. Some time later he was booked by « Odd-EvenZ » and « Technologic » in local clubs like: Club Zero (Mersch, LU) and N-Joy (Arlon, B).
With his friends DJ Bunes, Miss Nat-H-Lee and Mal-Ho he started the association INI-TEK to be able to organize bigger events.
They associated with « Technologic », that allowed them to book international Djs like: The Advent, Marco Bailey, Q-Hey (japan) and Redhead.
Beside that, Marco Rota played with Djs like: Adam Beyer, DJ Rush, Torsten Kanzler, Marco Remus and Dave Clarke.
In 2004 he created the new association « AUDIOMATIK » with Miss Nat-H-Lee, Kimona, Mous-Teec, Pablo and Strike. They were booked to represent themselves with a floor at the successful « GARDEN OF EDEN » Festival, organized by ODD.LU in 2004. Audiomatik was responsible of the program from clubs like Podium, Calypso and Beckleck and in 2005 they supported the Technologic collective with the organization of the events with James Ruskin and Dave Clarke.
In 2006 he decided to organize the event MARUSHA at the Hall La Chiers in Differdange (L) with INI-TEK.
He's a resident DJ at the Beat-Day Festival, organized by Packo Gualandris. In 2009 he visited the Czech Republic for a DJ set at the Klub Mir.
In the year 2011 he gets his first releases on a label named SUBTEC RECORDS (dk) and CONTRAST -r (LUX) ,SYSMIK RECORDS (LUX)



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