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Luca Capizzi is born (Switzerland) in Liestal, Basel-Landschaft on 7 December 1989. In his Italian blood flows others paternal (Lorenzo) and Spanish blood mother (Susanna). Luca has an older brother named Christian.
Luca Capizzi is born (Switzerland) in Liestal, Basel-Landschaft on 7 December 1989. In his Italian blood flows others paternal (Lorenzo) and Spanish blood mother (Susanna). Luca has an older brother named Christian.

Even as a very young boy shows his interest in music. In just three years, he sings with his grandmother at home to scores of "Brutta", a song by Alessandro Canino, which was presented at the Sanremo Festival in 1992.

Today, as well as in childhood, the music plays the main role in Lucas life. In his room, locked up, he turned to the father stolen microphones in a singer and performed in front of the mirror, the songs of his favorite artists.

In youth was Lucas dream to be able to stand on a stage and the audience to transfer his passion for music. So it was also that he has just 12 years participated in a music event of his town called "La Corrida" and "Le cose che vivi" by Laura Pausini was the best. He reached the 2nd place.
The following year, he decided to participate again in the event and earned a 3rd place with another piece of Laura Pausini, "Una storia che vale". After that Luca has sung at various festivals and weddings, and was always keen to stand by the idea on a stage and sing. After a few years break - because of the voice change - Luca starts singing again and decreases with the age of 16 at the event "Voice of Basel" part.

Luca provides the jury with the song "Come mai" by Max Pezzali. However, he was not satisfied with his performance and with his voice and so it was that Luca decided to hang the music, or at least the public appearances of the nail. After these events Luca made the decision to take his fortune in the hand and show private singing lessons. He had also remain the same and again but, as it appeared to all technical. Luca is of the opinion that the music and the voice must come directly from the heart, because the only way a song can really arouse emotions. So he decided, the craft of his musical heroes, so to learn of his favorite singers. For him include: Laura Pausini, Eros Ramazzotti, Nek, Giorgia, Elisa, Tiziano Ferro and many more.
The years pass, Luca is 18 and he feels he lacks the stage. However, he finds - mainly because of stage fright - not to return the courage. He prefers to continue to sing in his room and it comes so far that he completely buries his dream.

2011, Luca finds a complete surprise as an extra on the set of Laura Pausinis video clip for "Benvenuto" directed by Gaetano Morbioli in Amsterdam (Netherlands) again.
Since that experience, he realized that it was exactly what he really wanted to do in life: He wants to be a singer. Since that moment, the fears and uncertainties of the past belonged to, and he found the strength and the courage to let his passion finally run free.

In the following months, Luca occurs for the first time in a recording studio and takes a great cover of Lucio Battisti, "E penso a te" on. Friends, acquaintances and even in social media, he was so well received. This helped him gain new confidence and he therefore decided to take the music seriously addressed.

2013 he went for a short break to Madrid to study Spanish. He does this also to interpret Spanish songs and one day maybe even write himself. Luca felt great admiration for David Bisbal and Alejandro Sanz.

Now we have arrived in 2015 and it will open in a new chapter, a new challenge. It offers new ideas, new lyrics and Luca is ready like never before. He has great pleasure, for the first time to start a project that revolves around his own music. The result is the song completely self-written "LA MIA CANZONE". Today Luca is 25 years old and more than ever he wants to try it, risk it, he wants to see where it leads the music. In today's time to sing really is not simple: record label in crisis, big competition. Luca interested in this but not all, he will give everything and he hopes for a future full of music!




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