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La Colonie Volvox was born out of the need to pursue different approaches and musical interests. It was formed in 2002 and after years of searching for the appropriate line-up, they settled for a steady one in 2006 when they recorded the first two albums. “Abstractology” was an aleatoric free improvisation session and the other one called “Wasteland” was the opposite of that – 11 acapella traditional folk songs with strict arrangements. They were published at the same time (October 2006) by the renowned label SJF Records from Skopje. The third CD called “Europa” was published in 2009 and “East West and Rest” came out the year after, both bearing the marks of the previous releases – improvisational music with a lot of influence from the folk traditions of the Balkans and worldwide. The constant change of the line-up became also the trademark of a collective that would always explore and search for new sonic experiences. That brought them to a point in which they left improvisation as a method and turned towards arranging traditional music for a new acoustic expression. The result was their fifth studio album called “AEIOU” (2012) , CD of world music oriented songs with lyrics in French, Ladino, Occitan, Turkish, Macedonian, Bosnian and English language. Promoted with a big concert in Skopje, several concerts in their homeland and across Europe (Venice, Paris, Maribor and Prague) it was their biggest success by then...
But that didn’t stray them away from the need to explore further. Sasho Gigov – Gish, Dragan Stojkovski and Predrag Ikonomovski decided to make an album that would bring them back to their roots – original songs that anyone could sing under the shower. Back to square one!... and the final result is “Blue Bird”. They were joined by Goce Naumov on drums and Nenad Nedelkov, who contributed two songs and back-up vocals on some of the numbers (both members of the collective since the beginnings), as well as guest appearances from respected Macedonian musicians and friends of the band. It was published in April 2015 and is their sixth consecutive studio album.
La Colonie Volvox completed the circle of their musical journey with their latest release which brought them back to writing lyrics, melodies and arrangements. After much experimentation with jazz, free improvisation and traditional music in their previous work, the sixth studio release “Blue Bird” is a straight-ahead song oriented album, with music that reflects and resembles their musical heroes – The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Doors and Frank Zappa, but also Nick Cave and Tom Waits, as well as the old blues masters. From the cabaret-like atmosphere of the opening love songs, the album slowly shifts towards hard driven blues and British rock, as humor and political themes replace love motifs. In their own words, “Blue Bird” was a test of the compositional skills and creativity they put on hold long time ago.






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