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Jpunkt Spunkt alias Jan Schirmer (*1977) is a German music producer and DJ. He began in 1995 at the club "City-Musik-Park" in Chemnitz (Saxony), where he was resident DJ (with his partner Alexander Hecht (DJ *LX*) until the year 2002. Together with his friend and partner, he founded the independent label "Public Domain Records" which in 1995 by the media-company "MGM Media Productions Leipzig" was incorporated.
Both released 6 albums and more than 100 original compositions, productions and co-productions for her work as a DJ and productions of other artists. After the accidental death of his friend and partner, Jan Schirmer is no longer active as a DJ working. But he is continues to work for other artists and is a sought-after partner for younger DJs in the scene. Jan Schirmer lives with his wife Bea and son Lucas in Leipzig.



mgm media productions leipzig was founded in 1995 by Alexander Hecht and Jan Schirmer. Your home for finest electronic music. Tech-/Techno · Minimal · Deep · Hard-/Hardstyle · House - Deephouse · Dance · Electro · Trance · Dubstep - Drum 'n' Bass · Ambient - Chillout.


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