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Born in Izmir and raised in a highly artsy surrounding, Irmak Güneş Akan was deeply engaged in drawing and various other visual arts throughout his youth. Meanwhile, his father‘s career as a disk jockey, and a heavy dose of western music influence at home, sparked his artistic development and caused a gradual shift toward sound. An ever-growing interest in music led him to create a workstation with a simple combination of cassette players and a pair of speakers so that he could start exploring techniques in mixing, recording, and editing sounds in his own unique way. 
Irmak gained hands-on experience by spending his summer breaks working alongside and closely observing his dad perform at nightclubs. At the age of 16, he kick-started his solo disc jockey career and conveyed his selection of music to the crowds at several suburban clubs. Concurrently, after investing in his very first computer, he switched from his analog setup to a digital audio workstation and began deepening his understanding of electronic music production. 
During his university years, Irmak worked as a disc jockey and sound-&-light technician at a number of clubs and hotels. In 2009, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economy.
After completing military service, Irmak concentrated on his business career, but he never stopped pursuing his passion for music production. His track “Sun Glitters” was awarded the best track of the week by Spinnin’ Records, a well-known Dutch record label, in the summer of 2016.
Irmak moved to Germany in 2017 and began his formal education in music at a globally-recognized audio engineering school, SAE, to gain in-depth theoretical knowledge and technical proficiency. Recordings with bands at professional studios, animation music in surround format, and sound designing were some of the projects in his school curriculum. He wrote a detailed essay on the FM-synthesizer programming with Max/MSP. At the same time, he enhanced his skills in visual programming software, gaining proficiency in Max/MSP and Pure Data. In 2018, he established his own label, Akan Recordings, and began releasing his works.
Initially, Irmak Güneş produced works with the characteristics of progressive trance. Over the next several years, he broadened his array of genres by gradually shifting to house music and the more sophisticated electronica/ambient styles found in his experimental works and remixes. In addition to the technical skills gained from the audio engineering school, he boosted his musical knowledge by reading numerous books.
Although his main focus remains on electronic music production on a daily basis, Irmak also contributes to the post-production industry (e.g., soundtracks and sound designs for motion pictures and game sound), in which he has a great interest. One of his special talents is creating and composing sounds from scratch to preserve the authenticity of his profession. Additionally, he works on developing his own sound and sample library by recording and capturing indoor and outdoor ambient sound clips and noises. Besides contemporary electronic music, he is enthusiastic about classical music, blues, jazz, soul, and reggae. In his free time he enjoys playing the piano the most.
Some of the notable people that Irmak Güneş is influenced by: Thomas Edison, Max Matthews, Pablo Picasso, Maurice de Bevere, Michael Jackson, Paul van Dyk, Deadmau5, Bob Marley, Stevie Wonder, Phil Collins, Norah Jones, Edgard Varèse, İlhan Mimaroglu, Hans Zimmer, Thomas Newman, Alan Menken, Mozart, Beethoven, Debussy.




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