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1986 was the begining of the music career of Berisa Ismet (IIkarus). Through the electronic music of the group '' Kraftwerk'' he felt so inspired, that he bought two record player and a mixer for mixing different musictracks new in his own way at his house. 1990 Ismet was standing for the first time behind a controller as a DJ in a dark, illigal Techno-undergroundclub. This evening marked him for the rest of his life. Since at this time he wasn't even 18 years old, he couldn't participate and play at public clubs and discos or parties that's why he had to start in the underground first. 1992 he was at his first big festival the one called Energy Rave in Austria in front of thousands of people on stage - at this time still with his old artist name ''Dj Stick''. That was definitely his break through and the times of '' dark bunker'' were after this gig forever over. After this couple gigs followed in different clubs in germany (Omen etc.) which were already booked out a year in advance. 1998 he got to know his wife - from this moment the planning to have a family became priority and as a result of it a 3 year must - baby break began. 2001 he celebrated his comeback and shortly after he got a fulltime job as resident - dj in one of the biggest club/disco ( Movie ). After one year as a resident - dj he was looking for new challenge. Playing music from other artists wasn't fullfilling him 100 % anymore - he wanted more. From this time on he started his career as music producer. His first made by him track ( knowing with the name ''dj Stick'' ) was '' do you need the pussy'' and it reached the 19th rank by '' Radio Sunshine'' and rank 21 in the charts. Right after that he got couple of orders ( also different remixes ) as a Ghostwriter which he was doing for the most famous DJ's with a lot of success. He was always faithful to the electronic music. To meet people and give them the emotions like forgetting everything around them for a short period of time and let them to be a part of his world - was always important to him and will stay a major part of his life.



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