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Tebogo Methola, or most commonly known with his stage name as "Harry Solomon", was born and raised in the buzzy township, Alexandra in 1992, he always had a passion for music, with the likes of jazz, blues, rhythm and blues and traditional South African music known as "Maskhandi".

His passion for house music grew when his mentor, James Mc, taught him how to play turntables at the age of 12, he started collecting compilations and records during his seconday schooling, then James Mc introduced him to producing music on his last year of high school.

Since then he grew and eventually he and his mentor began a duo called the House Raiders, then that was when he was introduced to the hectic parties and events and his skills grew and grew.

That's when Harry saw an opportunity to grow himself thouroughly, he began his own record label, Microscopiq Soundz, to help up and coming artists grow within their surrroundings and improve on their musical talents, he has signed artists including Pebetsi, Andy Rothen, the soulful duo Blue Soul, Rapid Mollusk and tribal heads Discovery Music. The future of dance and house music begins now.


Contact No. +27825362779


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