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Composer, electronic musician, dj and radio format producer.

With Emilio Loizzo is also a member of an italian electronic band called Recycle.

Recycle has produced 3 albums: "Recycle - Passaggi E Tiri In Porta" (Eclectic rec. - 1999), "Recycle - Ritmo" (Wot For rec. - 2000), "Recycle - Musica Machina Vol. 1 " (Musica Machina records - 2015) and many ep's as: Recycle - Loose E.P. 1996, Recycle - Viva Europa! 1997, Recycle - Prossima fermata -EP- 2014. Also between 1997 and 2015 Recycle were invited to participate in several important compilations, some of which were produced by major labels like Sony Universal, Virgin and Soleluna.

He collaborated with many artists and on many projects: the actor poet Remo Remotti (mamma "Roma addio" - 1998, Yari Carrisi and Jovanotti ("Yari* Featuring Remo Remotti & Recycle - Pezzo") 2004, Stefano Di Carlo, Amptek, Entropia and many others from the roman electronic music scene.

He created radioshows like "La danza della mente" on Power Station Fm in Rome (1995-1998). Since 2001 he is the director of the radioshow called Musica Machina, on air every saturday night from Radio Città Aperta 88.9 Fm in Rome and surrounding area.

In 2008 he produced his first solo album "H501L - In bolletta" (Musica Machina records).
In 2010 a new release: his second solo album "H501L - Cheerful insanity of H501L" (Musica Machina records).
In 2011 he is the author of the original soundtrack for the italian docu-movie "Popolo in Festa" (dvd, Donzelli editore).
In 2012 a new release: "H501L - Il gabbiano del Tevere -EP-" (Musica Machina records).
In 2013 a new solo album: H501L - Myocardium (Musica Machina records).
In 2014 new Ep with Recycle: Recycle - Prossima fermata -EP-.
In 2015 new Recycle album "Recycle - Musica Machina Vol. 1".

Accacinquecentounoelle and Marco Cristantielli are alias of H501L




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