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Exego is an italian house duo made up of a dj producer and a dj singer: Pasquale Gigli aka “Deltapiù” (Taormina 03/12/1981), Valentina Malta aka “Speedy Mind” (12/01/1990)
They start to work together in 2014 arranging demos till January 2015 when they set up the project “Exego”, characterized by progressive, Trance and techno influences.
Speedy Mind always be fond of vocal trance, approaches djing joining two arts and soon after she starts to write songs and to compose melody lines both fitted to dance music.
Deltapiù is on recording industry from long time in fact he has worked for Gigi D’Agostino by using alias “Zeta Reticuli”: his latest hits including “Taranza” and “Benomale”; He also released “Atatunka” and “Vacated” on his own increasing his success abroad.



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