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My name is Nicole Spyropoulou originally from Peloponnesus Greece but currently living in Scotland U.K .

I am a singer, vocalist, lyric writer and I create my music mainly based on rnb, blues, rap and trap sounds.

My first steps into the music scene were back in 2009 when I realised the love I had for writing and singing after getting involved as a hobby in a band named Royal Sence while being a student in social work at the same time ! I slowly started creating my own songs produced by a grate musician DJ Enkey from Patra and collaborated with Alex Jersey mc from USA . We started playing live music in different radio stations and performed live and many different nightclubs and parties.

My first producer DJ Enkey was a big influence for me and he was my mentor in electronic music , showed me more paths in music I was capable to respresent , we started creating house, trance and progressive house songs and I fall in love with this type of music instantly !

Many more collaborations in electronic scene followed after that some of them was with Paul Levon, with GetAway and many more producers active back in 2009-2010 .

In 2010 I made some new collaborations in rnb , pop and more mainstream music after meeting Baboos from Parga , we created many many songs in his studio named “Double axe Studio “and our main producer 2Matsj was doing the production recording ,mix and mastering and all the hard work !

Many well known artists of the hip hop scene were recording there so I created more and more music with many different artists like Sir Palou from Greek famous band Nigma , Paul from the G.h.e.t.t.o and many more .

In the meantime I was creating also my own music which is available is social media like soundcloud , YouTube under the name Enayah !

To describe myself in a few words I would say I’m a flexible singer in all kinds and styles vocally but my passion and love is always closer to American music influence.

As a person I’m always happy , positive , energetic and I like to pass this through my music to other people ! Let’s vibe together !





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