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Techno DJ, Producer and Label Owner of Shout Records and Nightmare Factory Records

Other labels:
AFU Limited, Amazone Records, Vector Functions Records, Drowne Records, Decade Of Techno, Morforecs, MFM Records, Blind Spot Music, The Zone Records, Onh.Cet Records, Naked Lunch, Amalgame Rec, Parallel 125, Mekanism Records, Hybrid Confusion, Steil, Frakture Audio, Freitag Limited, Clutch Trax, Refluxed Records, Reloading Records, Elmart, Technodrome, Crunch Control, Platinum Records, Pragmatik Recordings, Gynoid Audio, Achromatiq, Bass Assault Records, Elektrax Recordings, iDark Records, Label Code Records, Wicked Waves Recordings, We Call It Hard Records, Techno League Records, Darknet, ReWashed LTD, Sound Of Techno, Naughty Pills Records, Unofficial Records, Herzschlag Recordings, Seqtor and many more.



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