Artist Info

EckoTronic, born 71, was a DJ already in the late 80s playing soul, funk and hiphop, but already ACID that came from the UK and the beginning of the HOUSE-music, he was found behind the turntables in different locations in Würzburg and around. Because of his family he stopped playing as a DJ in the early 90s. His deep love to the elecronic music he rediscovered 2009. Since 2012, he is producing by himself - and on 07th of June,. 2014 he had his premier with his 1st liveset at Morph Club in Bamberg. EckoTronic only plays live. His sound is "different and special", as his fans and some experts of the scene confirmed and - till now - he shaked every danceflor he was playing. Because of this, he was booket 2015 for the Nature One Festival by the Airport Würzburg Bunker, just one Year and one Month after his first liveset. Reference: Morph Club Bamberg Airport Würzburg Ludwig Club and Bar Würzburg Posthalle Würzburg (Musik




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