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German hip-hop shaped him starting in the 90s with the "Roedelheim Hartreim Projekt". Since then he couldn't let go of german speaking rap music. What followed was the first tapes he bought himself, continued by his own little home studio. Up until the album "Richtung Sonne", which was released in October 2013, Don Maxin worked by himself.

For the new project "Freier Fall", Don Maxin started working with the Producer Christoph Dubbel in the Hookbox Studios.

In various instrumental songs Don Maxin tries to thrill people with his music. He fascinates listeners with the eclectic and melancholic music he created throughout the years.



Paul Böstro, Kochstraße 1a, 34121 Kassel, Deutschland, Tel.: +49 (0) 1578 8 94 24 88


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