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Dominik Fröhlich: A Visionary Force in Electronic Techno Music

Hailing from Nuremberg, Germany, Dominik Fröhlich stands as a luminary figure in the realm of electronic music, with a remarkable specialization in the creation of groundbreaking techno compositions. Born with an passion for sonic expression, his journey in music began as a deeply personal endeavor, crafting immersive soundscapes to translate his innermost feelings and emotions.

Dominik Fröhlich embarked on a creative odyssey that saw him traverse a myriad of electronic music styles. This sonic pilgrimage led him to the zenith of his artistic evolution—a soundscape characterized by compositions, infused with hypnotic motifs and relentless rhythmic drives.

As the visionary owner of Hakiri Records, he has carved out a unique platform, enabling artists to weave their sonic tapestries and share their stories with the world.

The indelible mark left by Dominik Fröhlich's music has garnered the admiration and support of a constellation of celebrated DJs from the global electronic music scene.

In addition to his prowess in the realm of music production, Dominik Fröhlich's DJ sets radiate a profound energy. From the enigmatic allure of his hypnotic sounds to the rhythmic intricacies of more percussive creations, every facet of his sets resonates with an unparalleled authenticity.

Dominik Fröhlich's music, a manifestation of his inner world, serves as a bridge between his emotions and the hearts of his listeners.




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