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That's definitely the fact! In their second decade after founding the band the formation from the small German city Altenburg is definitely far away from the absolute zenith of it's final progress and seem to be more sophisticated and diverse than ever before. From now the journey continues.

On a way between EBM rythms, Future- and SynthPop influences this trio around mastermind René Striedter aka Rüdi inspires the audience with danceable songs but also with stunning sequences in mid tempo songs and balads.

Janosch and Tschief are formed together with Rüdi a unique team, that trust themselves blind. A fact that can be seen at their live shows.

DARK EMPIRE has a large amount of fans and followers worldwide not only caused by the multiple amount of fantastic releases.
German and English lyrics are used in songs like the club burner „My body burns like fire“ or evergreens like „Angel“, „Angst“ or „Die Zeit steht still“.

After releasing their next single and the next album in autumn 2014 DARK EMPIRE will present unforgotten but also the new material to the german and internation people live!

So dive into the empire! Into the DARK EMPIRE!



Rene Striedter
Mozartstrasse 5
04600 Altenburg

0174 / 91 80 426


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