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DaKooler, is a Italian Dj/Produce or Electro and Melbourne Bounce Music. His first release " Tunz Tunz Music " with the Italian Label " DALAB ", was released in 2015 and in June 2016 will see his second release " Are You Counting " with the Skye Energy Records. Very charismatic Dj, DaKooler passion for the music lead him to be in touch with the crowd, as the beating heart of the event. He begin his music career as Hardstyle Dj, evolving his music style, playing in different European cities and on the most important beach party of the Red Sea. His charisma and passion, brought him in a fantastic Tour in Russia, arriving to Siberia, where he have been called from the Russian Audi to play at the presentation of the new Audi Sportback and to create the Special Audi Compilation, that have been given during the private event and he have been playing alongside the Italian Producer Floorfilla, at the first edition of Miss Italia. At the moment, DaKooler is working on a new project, that should be released in 2016 as well.



Tunz Tunz Music EP

Tunz Tunz Music EP


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