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DJ DanceBorn "", a German DJ / Producer with over 20 years experience in the international arena (Germany / Luxembourg / Belgium / France)!
Born in Trier early 70s he was a teenager already fast with the music. DJ DanceBorn has now set out in the House- / Deep House area and is in some clubs in the border triangle France / Germany / Luxembourg as a resident on the go. When he's not sitting in the studio he organizes its own festivals and works with some other well-known DJs together.
The name "DanceBorn" is derived from his actual surname fittingly from and it you recognize that his music was already in the cradle, not only that his father was already a well-known musician.
Apart House / Deep House DJ Dance Born is also active in other music styles because of his long experience, his passion / Deep House area is located in the House-!



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