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Kuhlmann Born as Mario, is now 30 years old Dortmund, 15 since his Age fan of electronic music. The music drew him completely under her spell when he visited for the first time the Soundgarden Dortmund
where was resident at the time of Nathalie De Borah there. The sound enchanted him so
that he wanted to hear from then on anything else. Depot (Munster), Fusion Club (Münster), Tor 3 (Düsseldorf) and Factory (Dortmund Kley): his favorite clubs, and clubs were. Just in time for the Millennium he acquired a first equipment from the belt-driven turntables
and there was a 2 channel mixer. Now he had to like each other first bake bagels and learn to know the reason. After a few months he had the knack and it was just practice, practice, practice.
In 2002, he was allowed to enjoy a live act of Brixton and was so fascinated by what he has done with equipment that he also decided to kaufenund such equipment even create the sound rather than just to mix. Since then he has already purchased a small park equipment, and produces his own tracks with character. He makes his life happy for live acts going musically in the direction of acid, techno, wonky, and Brighton Industrial! Weill mediator he plays himself in the clubs, where he was celebrating before time itself .. e.g. .. Fusion Club Munster, Butan Club Wuppertal, Timeless Dortmund (Bonanza), etc. .. His greatest passion is and always will be producing tracks. In the course of the years he has developed his own style

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