Artist Info

Born in Germany, AXX started playing the organ and piano at an early age.
In the 70s he received organ training by the organist Werner Bieder and the orchestra director Alban Nieder.
AXX is strongly influenced by musicians such as Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis and Pink Floyd, which can be recognized in his compositions.
After a long lead time and his savvy setup in the IT Branch, he started to build up the Label Blue Ragoue which he designed and converted as a modern mobile hybrid studio
R eal A nalog G rand O rchestra U ser E lectric
This mobile Hybrid Music Studio defines the merging between analog and a digital sound engineering with a modular structure (construction -
Through the variable (adjustable) open and mobile Studio concept Blue Ragoue is able to include other instrumentalists for a common music session. A combination of software and hardware instruments, accompanied by groove boxes and drum machines, enable the parallel handling of different components not just as extravagant dance Keying.
The Label is specialized in electronic music, such as House or Trance. An integrated Softwaresequencer enables immediate recording while playing live.
AXX, as a composer, producer and musician his concept with his House, Techno, Trance and Dance music is essentially the electronic range. He created the first KeyJing setup performing live.
He released his first album "Blue Ragoue: life in loft" in October 2010 which was completely recorded while live session and its special KeyJing performance.
Nice Here Trilogy is further development of KeyJing Dance House Music production.
"Star Flow" and "Tranceformation" will follow in the beginning of 2015.

AXX & Blue Ragoue intends Live KeyJing Tour in the middle of 2015
Please check out and for following Tour Dates.



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