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Anna Romanova is a professional violinist. She studied at the Gnessin’s Music School , and then lived in Vienna where she received her higher education. She is a Laureate of international festivals and competitions and performs in Europe, Asia, Turkey, Iran.

She studied and took master classes from the best professors in Europe, among whom are Anna Kandinsky, Tamara Atschba, Mikhail Kugel, Alexander Volpov, Xuan Du and others.

Anna plays piano and viola as well, the latter is the instrument she plays in Evgeny Grinko group - a popular ensemble highly rated by the audience. They gather stadiums of fans, videos on YouTube cover millions of views.

Anna leads an active lifestyle being a dedicated teacher in her own private music school in Vienna and a hardworking musician. Also she organizes classical music concerts, and runs a music agency.

Anna records music for media projects and films, collaborates with film composer Otto K. Schwartz and his label Syngeneia. She participated in scoring the "Survive or Sacrifice" movie with actor W. Baldwin. The film has entered the Cannes Film Festival in 2021.


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