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AARON THE BARON is a musician and producer who has grown up with music. He first played the lead guitar, then bass guitar in various bands. Soul and funk is his passion. Aaron The Baron worked with different recording studios, where he recorded with his own band or as a guest musician for many years.

Inspired by these studio sessions, he started working as a producer of lounge and chill out music until he discovered his love for house music in the club's of his second home Spain many years ago.

Now, AARON THE BARON combines house music with the influences from soul and funk. Groovy beats combined with atmospheric and chilly synthie sounds to feature the most important thing of his tracks ... the singer’s voice!

AARON THE BARON works together with many well-known international artists as producer or remixer. In 2011 he teamed up with the Austrian producer, remixer and DJ STJ and they launched their own label called DAVINO RECORDS. This European label is specialized on selected and high quality SOULFUL music productions out of different electronic genres around house and lounge and specially focuses on its selected tunes and artists in a high collaborative way. Within short time artists of DAVINO RECORDS could register quite first chart entries.

As the co-founder of DAVINO RECORDS, AARON THE BARON has a long-time experience in productions within many different electronic genres and worked together with many artists from all around the world. Now, following his longstanding passion for rock, soul and pop music, AARON THE BARON launched his second label TOM:TONE RECORDS to offer a big range of many different genres.

One of AARON THE BARON's greatest coups was the colaboration with one of the probably best known dialect bands in Germany, called "Höhner". He is represented on their CD "Höhner 4.0 - live und in Farbe" with a remix of their chartbreaker "Wenn nicht jetzt, wann dann".


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