Sell your music & eBooks with Feiyr is the perfect partner for the worldwide distribution of your music. We will forward your songs, audio books for children, radio plays, eBooks etc. to all major download shops worldwide. In our portfolio we have more than 2/3 pop, rock, classical music, hits/pop songs and folk music. We distribute all usual music styles. Furthermore, we will distribute your songs to companies in the sector for mobile entertainment (ringtones, realtones, etc.)

With only a few clicks you can open your account online and off you go...!
Now you only need to upload your songs and they will be available for sale. You can see your sales figures in real time and you can have your money paid out at any time, daily if you want. And all this with no risk.

If you want to publish and sell your book as an eBook, Feiyr is perfect for you. Your eBook will be offered and sold in all major protals.

Our global partners are subdivided into categories "exclusive partner", "main distributors" and "distributors, partners and shops". You can choose online on which platforms you want to offer your songs for download.

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