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Andromeda is a music label from Germany which has specialized in the production of electronic music....

Walter Schwarz (8 Juni 1954 in Gelnhausen) is a german percussionist and electronic musician. Since 1970 , he played the drums (Congas,Bongos,Timbales,etc.) in several bands. As from 1980 he played in the Main-Kinzig cult band "Nexus". Since the seventys , inspired by Klaus Schulze , Tangerine Dream , Kraftwerk , he´s also interested in electronic music. Walter has an intensive passion for Synthesizer , this is re-mirrored in his outstanding sound production. In his studio7 he has produced electronic music of the most different style directions since the year 2000 and he goes unmistakably his own way. In the year 2008 he set up the music label Andromeda to offer young musicians a platform for a wider audience.


Soundtrack / Film, Ambient, Electro / Electronic, New Age


Walter Schwarz - The Electronic Message Walter Schwarz - Luna Express Walter Schwarz - Prana Walter Schwarz - Gamma Walter Schwarz - Electronica Walter Schwarz - Tiefe Walter Schwarz - Alien Dance Walter Schwarz - Deep Planet


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