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GenresHouse, Deep House, Tech House, Progressive House
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Solardish Records is a record label for contemporary electronic music based in Germany. It is another way to bring the music that we love and feel forward into the adventurous club world of tomorrow. Our goal is to create something new, something different, using music as our common language around the globe. Solardish Records will be promoted and distributed all over the world. The idea is to create a pool of friends and music lovers, all sharing the same passion for contemporary electronic music. Solardish Records is a platform created to receive new people, artists, projects and their influences. Solardish Records is an invitation and an opportunity to release your musical energy without being forced to conform with old patterns. It is our way to make something different. Keep your eyes and ears open for this record label, it's one to watch and to listen. You can find us on all the best digital download stores worldwide.

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DANCE ALL DAY Musicvertriebs GmbH
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