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GenresTechno, House
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The Berlin Label Scandalrecords was founded by the musicians: Dinsher-Husler and Danny D. the world is a disc Scandalrec releases sound for the clubs and sees itself as an open label, which offers innovative and fresh producers a platform and furthermore gives the own productions a home. Scandalrecords is not a label that hiddens behind "prefabricated", boring sound- templates or a constructed image -intread it declares space for a free development of individual sound. Inspiration intuition vision mission Jörg, Julia and Danny have synchronized their musical life: The three musicians want to mobilize and encourage the electronic music scene to move forward the development. The kindly and sympathetic Scandal-crew form a smooth and powerful unit. Looking behind the scenes surprisingly shows that the team consists of three unique individual persons: Different characters, various producing- techniques and differently distinctived talents of the musicians, evolving each other and the "Scandalrec"-sound. The Würzburg-trio intelligently appoint this variety in an exciting way and thereby give their music its professional depth. creating tomorrow-scope for the own style Boldly, Dinsher & Husler and Danny D. follow their artistic instinct - each in the own way- and so the Scandal- productions sound powerful and breakable, human and full of soul- allways at the same time- allways with this typical breeze of special "Scandal"-aura! The "play instinct" sovereignly crackles through all the tracks and overwhelmed with its power and strength of character. It is a pleasure experiencing how they live out their music. Their collectively antipati to mainstream contributes to define their own philosophy in sound.

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Important artists of Scandalrecords

Enzo Vril Dinsher & Husler With Danny D. Danny D. Dinsher & Husler

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