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Resurgere Records formerly Yo Mutha Records, was created by Progressive Fusion Recording Artist (The new Thunder from Down Under), Daniel (Danny) John. The sole Aim of Resurgere Records is to Distribute Worldwide, Market and Promote the highest echelon of Fusion, Progressive, Art and Music of other Genres, with minimal cost to the Artist. Multi medium, multi platform distribution and marketing will provided by the label.

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Important artists of Resurgere Records

Steve Ball Taliesin Alan Sane Danny John Trio Danny John

Hot Releases

Danny John Trio - Superconductive (The Very Danny John Trio - Tres Bandidos Taliesin - The Tally of Lies and Sin Steve Ball - Staring At the Sunset

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DANCE ALL DAY Musicvertriebs GmbH
Raiffeisenstr. 4
83377 Vachendorf