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M:tc-music is based in Bremen, northern Germany. It contains, distributes and organizes mainly the b...

M is producer, singer, songwriter, a musician in Bremen, Germany. His home is not only in Bremen as he lived in Adelaide, South-Australia, as well. And he has a strong bond to Seoul in South-Korea. He visits these countries regularly. These experiences from different countries influenced his music a lot. His songs are in music and lyrics strong, powerful, emotional and direct. They rock the suburbs and move the people. He is a storyteller and sings about the lives of ordinary people. He is influenced by Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, John Mellencamp, Jimmy Barnes and many more but does not try to copy them. The sound can be described as an independent Australian-American-grungy rock style based in Europe. M's powerful Band is "The Congregation", which brings the songs with an overwhelming, entertaining show on stage. But he plays acoustic concerts too. There you can listen more closely to the stories of the songs.


Rock, Pop, Folk, Pop-Rock


bookings via: mandthecon@aol.com


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