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GenresRock, Metal, NDH, Punk, RocknRoll, Pop, Electro
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KleinWackenProductions is with pleasure supported a small, young(new) label that concentrates upon unusual artists(performers) this. Predominantly musician. The label was founded in Kiel(keel), August, 2012. Behind the label a musician with long-standing stages and Studioerfahrung is.

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Important artists of Klein Wacken Productions

Ullmann Mr.Schadensfall

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Ullmann - Flasche Korn Ullmann - Urlaub Ullmann - Wir sind die Müllabfuhr Mr.Schadensfall - Momente
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DANCE ALL DAY Musicvertriebs GmbH
c/o Feiyr.com
Raiffeisenstr. 4
83377 Vachendorf