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GenresTechno, Prog-house, Tech-house
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Klang Dimension records was created by MarcNuit and Christian Soto in may 2008. Ambition of the label is that we´re release minimal maximal groovy electronic dance music without thinking in well known genres. In front of the own releases of MarcNuit and Christian Soto there will be another projects, for example Soto vs. Nuit and 3Takt released. more new acts getting started soon and will be extend the sound spectrum of klang Dimension with their groovy beats.

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Important artists of Klang-Dimension-Records

Courtis Marcus Nacht Rick Siron Francis Corben Marc Nuit Tiasz MarcNuit

Hot Releases

Christian Soto - Thunder Christian Soto - Apokalypse Christian Soto - Get It On Courtis - Contra
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