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GenresMinimal Tech,Electro Breaks,Dubstep,Psy Tech,Tech House,Ambient
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Since January 2008 Kayowa records represents the long-year experience and the diverse international contacts of its founders. Kayowa open his own imprint to share the spirit of music worldwide. And so it is always a selection of New Artists from all around the world with there own true style ofelectronic music, most innovative and most influential artists of the respective moment you find on the releases. New Release comin up next in 2012. Enjoy And Support Our New Talents DJ´s And Souddesigner*** Jacky Wonder with the Real God Mixes -Spain- The Tecteens with A Two Track Release -Russia- TUMOR with two awesome neo trance tracks -Germany- Also New Releases From Fred Fat And Ali Kaan Gebes comin up` And Final We Present In 2012 To The 40 Cat.Nr. On Kayowa A Special Various Artist Compilation with Unrealeased Tracks And Remixes.

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Important artists of Kayowa Records

Father of Gods Beate Kruse Bob Su & Kayowa Di Rugerio Tecteens Kayowa Tumor Super Fan

Hot Releases

Fred Fat - Arcade Love Various Artists - Selected Label Works 2016 Father of Gods - The White Beate Kruse - Bub und Spinne
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