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Vladek Records

Vladek Records

Vladek Records was founded in Germany on March 5, 2012 for digital distributing the first maxi album...

It's becoming increasingly rare to find that special horrorpunk band that makes it to the surface of their scene-tradition and goes beyond. Germany's HELLGREASER is one of those rare finds. Originally dubbed a Horror Punk act, HELLGREASER proves that he has far more to offer than make-up covered faces, detuned guitars, and average 1950's knock-off songs. Expect catchy melodies, intelligent arrangements and originality. As rare as his excellent voice, is the ability he has to combine so many different styles successfully, track after track, on his new mini album - The Humans Must Die. This collection, complete with the first single - The Wolfman, is an mini album full of hits that sings like an orgasm on an acid trip! Dress up in black, turn it up loud to thirteen and sing along. It's the one and only HELLGREASER!!! - Graveyard Greaser Gang


Punk International


For contact and booking-requests please write e-mail to band@hellgreaser.de
We will help you for advertising and will deliver you a wild show, which you will never forget! We look forward to your request.


Hellgreaser - Tales of Hellgreaser - Bl Hellgreaser - Tales of Hellgreaser - Fr Hellgreaser - Bloody Moonlight Dance Hellgreaser - The Humans Must Die


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