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Hannes Meyer (1939 - 2013) Teaching seminar EMS Schiers Music studies in Basel (solo, composition, direction, organ) Practikal courses: ‚Komödie’ Basel, Switzerland. Chamber opera, Stadtoper Berlin (tours in Switzerland), concert diploma organ Performances as a soloist, conductor of his own ensemble, organ Pictus Compagny, animator and composer 1967 Foundation of the Bergkirchlikonzerte Arosa Hannes Meyer is regarded as a pioneer of his vision: 'Broad music on the basis of organ culture'. His diverse repertoire is recorded on many CD recordings. With his organ days for a whole village or a whole city, Hannes Meyer was also a sponsor of youth musicians and of amateur musicians. Awards: Acknowledgment Prize of the Government of the Canton of Graubünden, Swiss Trachtenfest Geneva, Prix Suisse (Radio DRS), ORG Prize, UBS Award.


Volkstümliche Musik, Klassik


Hannes Meyer - Suite Paysanne 1 - 4 Hannes Meyer - Hannes Meyer im Orgelkonz


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