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GenresHouse, Techno, IDM, Indie Dance, Disco, Tech House, Electronica and Intelligent Pop
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Fispos Records is an all-new record label based in Copenhagen, Denmark. We will be releasing electronic goods as well as quirky pop-songs. Fispos Records was established in the spring of 2011 in Copenhagen. Label owner Kristian Rix decided to create Fispos Records as he found himself in the heart of a creative playground with a lot of music making between friends. In the years leading up to the birth of the record label this circle of music making friends regularly found themselves waking up in Kristian Rix' fispos, feeling horribly hungover, single and sorry or overly exited and laughing about last night. So they ended up calling themselves the "fispos crew". Fispos??? Well, in danish it's what your parents would nickname the bed in which you have been lying lazy (and probably hungover) for way too long. Being warm and maybe a little smelly the fispos on the other hand a very nice and safe place protecting you from the cold and evil world outside. Two of the permanent members in the warm fispos, Erikka S. Bahnsen and Marie Louise Tüxen, are also to be found on the two first releases. Erikka is the singer in Leodoris which is the first release on the label and the second release has the vocals of Marie Louise in the Ensom Tosom act. Fispos Records may have been fuelled by a creative urge in a small collective but the goal is to invite more new talent to join the fispos. And being a part of the Copenhagen club scene which seams give birth to more new talent than ever the timing seems right. Fispos Records comes out of a love for the club scene and that is probably all there is to say about the genre of the future releases. To say more would be like saying what tattoo you would like to get next year. What we will say however, is that we will not release anything that you would want surgically removed the next many years.

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Ensom Tosom Leodoris

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