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GenresProgressive Electro
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All life explores. Searching territory, ability, and the unknown, Expedition Recordings is an attempt to capture the auditory adventure. Founded in June of 2009 by Kiley Thompson and Christian Aydt of Science Vs Nature (SVN), the label is focussed on releasing music that holds no boundary, pushes the evolution of music, and enhances life's passion to go further. "Behold no boundary" - Lewis and Clark expedition notes, 1805

Important artists of Expedition Recordings

Sqootie Jackson Nohtimo Epok Cowgirl Radio Ashleigh Eymann Lisa Richards Evan Rowe Kristina Lipari David J Caron

Hot Releases

Dedrich Von Dorn - San Riser / Misfit Dedrich Von Dorn - Electric Primate & Brookl Various Artists - In the Shadow of a Star Dedrich Von Dorn - Hot Mess / Essa 4

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