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Cutsha Records

Cutsha Records

Cutsha Records is a new Label by Dirk Radloff. He is a sound designer, beat maker, EDM producer and ...

Dirk Radloff aka EL CUTSHA is EDM Ghost Producer, Sound Designer, beatmaker and PUSH2 Artist. He has learned the art of professional music production in the VibrA School of DJing in Berlin. EL CUTSHA done in his home studio in Waren (Müritz) new soundscapes for House DJs. In addition to its own record label he also composes basic ideas for further processing and finishing to final house tracks external productions. For the production of sounds and arrange the songs he used modern computer technology from Apple and the professional software Ableton Live 9.7 Suite. As a creative instrument of PUSH2 Midi Controller Ableton is used.


House, Electro House, Deep House, EDM, DJ Tools




El Cutsha - My Touch El Cutsha - Love Message El Cutsha - Summer Girl El Cutsha - Dangerous El Cutsha - Fiesta El Cutsha - Cutsha El Cutsha - Orient El Cutsha - Orient


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