Realising compilation projects

At Feiyr we have a unique tool within the music industry. We have created a compilation licensing system that allows you to easily create compilations with tracks from other labels. A great way to re-release your own tracks in a new context.
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Compilations then and now

Some may remember the days when compilation projects took months, if not years, to realise. Identifying rights holders, communicating and negotiating with them, drafting and reviewing contracts was a complicated and time-consuming process. It's still not much different for licensing major label titles today - not so with Feiyr!

UGC 3rd Party Compilations - what is that?

UGC stands for User Generated Content. In this context it means that as a Feiyr account holder you become the compiler for your compilation project. And the 3rd party stands for the licensing of third party rights, which is necessary for such a publication. This means the tracks of other (Feiyr) labels.

Licensing made easy

When you create a compilation via Feiyr, a two-week licensing process is initiated. This means that the rights owners of the tracks are automatically contacted by us and asked to check the request and either accept or reject it. This saves you the tedious and time-consuming communication with labels and publishers, and the billing to the rights holders is also automated.

Add value to your catalogue!

Compilations are still responsible for a significant share of all sales in the music sector. Feiyr UGC 3rd Party Compilations are therefore the ideal tool if you want to easily enhance your own release with the tracks of other Feiyr users and tap into new sources of revenue.
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