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Before I was born, my mother and Rick James's mother where best of friends in Buffalo, New York (USA). As I grew up, Rick James's mother used to baby-set me sometimes. So, I got to know the whole family. When Rick James became famous, I was thrown into a Celebrity Lifestyle. I lived with my mother in one of Rick James's houses (Orchard Park, New York). My mother took care of the house and I hung out with the Band, Security, Production Staff, etc. (the parties where fantastic). Everything went great, until Rick James tried to get out of his contract with Motown Records. Everything fell apart and everybody went their separate ways. I joined the U.S. Army and found myself in Germany. After the military, I Chose the Music & Film Industry because songwriting and composing has been a hobby of mine since I was nine years old. I became a member of GEMA and completed a Training Course in Music & Event Management, provided by Baden-Württemberg. Through my training, I developed a very large network of International Recording Artist from around the world and contact with a few Recording Studios here in Stuttgart. Currently, I work full-time on soundtracks, Event Management, and developing Recording Artist and Bands for the world to see.

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Johnny Cosmo Feminine Rhyme

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Johnny Cosmo - Twister/Never Again Feminine Rhyme - Women of Machines
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