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Casa Discografica Musilosophy or simply CDM, is a web music label based in Rome, Italy. and are the main websites managed by CDM; in there are a lot of music tools and services dedicate to production, printing, digital distribution, music events management (in Italy) and promotion for unsigned and independent band and musicians. CDM is a section of Paolo Parrella Web publishing who manages hundreds of blogs, websites and forums not only dedicated to music. is a web music stores where musicians can sing in, upload their own songs, music videos and other infos to promote their music works. Now CDM is working to build a network of radio partners and to set up a professional web TV channel.

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Important artists of Cdm Roma

Sesto Tony Grippi Cdm Piano

Hot Releases

Sesto - A Wonderful World Cdm Piano - Piano Fragments Tony Grippi - L'amore è così
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DANCE ALL DAY Musicvertriebs GmbH
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