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Bigmo DPFactory is the first label, founded in 2005 and has released several vinyl releases distributed by LevelOne initially and then by Globalnet. This label is printed preferably dance songs or disco house. The artist with several releases on this label is Bonsugi who worked for Bigmo 2005 to 2008. There are new releases of Bonsugi Bigmo in the future.

Similar Labels

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Important artists of Bigmo Records

Bonsugi & DJ German Joe Jog, Bonsugi & Elis Bonsugi feat. Silvia Mariotto Joe Jog Velo Elis Bonsugi Feat Klizia Kokko Band

Hot Releases

Joe Jog - Lounge Garden Joe Jog - Autobahn Joe Jog - Celtic Drama Joe Jog - On the Clouds

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